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How might we design a more seamless shopping experience for Native Sun customers?

Role: UI / UX Design
Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator

Native Sun is a health food grocer located in Jacksonville, Fl. For a personal project, I re-visioned the Native sun shopping experience.




I conducted three casual interviews on the fly. I spoke with users of varying loyalty and involvement to Native Sun. My main take-aways were as follows:

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Frequent Customer, 32

“I shop here every week. There are so many snacks, I try to get something new every week.”

Cashier, 27

“People rarely read the newsletter which is emailed, and always ask about sales. I look up savings cards all the time because customers forget them.”

Occasional Customer, 19

“I visit the Baymeadows location the most, but occasionally I go to Mandarin. I love how friendly the employees are.”



Design a mobile application that provides insight into sales, offers inspiration to food, and connects customers to the company culture.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low Fidelity Wireframes


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Home page:

Customers are able to browse through current sales, and add items to a “Shopping list”. Users have access to their savings card via the application. When ready to scan, the user will tap the card and cashiers can scan the code.


Recipes are updated based on seasonal produce and stock. Staying true to Native Sun culture, users can filter based on special diets (such as gluten free or vegan). These options are marked by color codes. Users can also browse selections based on meal type. Ingredients are listed on individual recipe pages. Users can add items (and specific quantities) to their shopping list.

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Additional Features:

Digital Newsletter. Now customers can get their newsletters through the application. The newsletter can notify users of store events, and seasonal campaigns.

Locations Map. Locations are listed, and users can find the nearest Native Sun store and hours with GPS.

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