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How can we inspire a seamless home experience using automation?

Role: UI/UX Designer, Research
Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator

It’s 2019, and automation and AI are the latest rage. After noticing more households welcoming smart gadgets into their homes, I decided to imagine a hub for families to control all of their smart home devices.

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Objective and Challenges:

Create a mobile hub for users to control all of their smart gadgets. Nowadays, people have multiple devices across rooms. There should be a way to customize flows based on a household’s routines and frequent behaviors. These flows should be easily accessible, and easy to update. There may also be multiple people living in a home, so instead of a single user account, we need a way to access group or family settings.




Low Fidelity Mock Up:

Low Fidelity Mock up

Low Fidelity Mock up

Features and Screen flows:



Routines are workflows that allow users to automate their gadgets based on frequent behaviors such as leaving the home, going to bed, or throwing a party. Routines are customizable and accessible on the home screen.

Household account

The settings display the household name, along with how many devices there are, and total number of routines. Users can customize routines or add/remove devices in the settings menu.

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When a user logs in they are invited to Get Kozie! Kozie will search the house for all online devices. Once devices are found, a user can add a room name, room type, and assign devices to them. Kozie automatically assigns an icon based on the type of room and device.

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Get Kozie!

Once logged in users can edit their routines and equipment, control settings of individual devices (such as brightness, and color for a lightbulb) and update their household settings.

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