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How can we make handling personal finances fun?

Role: UX/UI Design, Illustrator
Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator

Let’s face it, money is stressful! Most finance dashboards are visually overwhelming, and very statistical. I decided to put a friendlier spin on a personal finance board to encourage millennials to keep track of their cashflow, and set goals for the future.

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Create a light-hearted and simple dashboard with all items above the fold. Most dashboards are very busy, so the information should be easy to consume and manipulate.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Low Fidelity Wireframe


The dashboard was designed with simplicity in mind. There’s a very minimal layout with all the important information above the fold. Users have insight into upcoming bills, their personal budget goals, and also individual transactions. To get a better idea of spending trends, views can be manipulated by clicking directly on the web parts. Spending and Analytic trends are shown with colorful illustrations that rotate on a carousel.


Web 1920 – 1.png
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