52 Project


Oh hi! it's been a while.

Last year I decided to undertake a 365 project where I chronicled my life and creative process (curious minds can look at it here). While it wasn't my first time doing so, It did capture a very interesting time in my life. I moved to Florida, fell in love, became an aunt for the first time, got a promotion, and a ton of other things. However, one thing I never enjoyed was putting out projects, posts, and pieces that were one-off's just to fulfill my daily quota. I'm a deep thinker, I love delving into abstract, intellectual, and metaphysical concepts and creating quality content. However, it became obvious that with all the changes in my life, I couldn't pump out quality I wanted and still maintain my daily quota, so the project turned into more of a photographic journal (which I enjoyed!).

As I've thought more and more about starting a new project (and cataloguing my life more privately) I realize that I want to give myself time to delve fully into topics I'm intrigued by. I'd like to create works that inform one another, that keep me inspired, and that have soul behind them. So I've decided to post here on my blog - one post every week, for a year.

So I've decided to post here on my blog - one post every week, for a year.

April 2018 - April 2019

Why my blog?

Because it's out of the way of all the crazy feeds of the interwebs, allowing you (and I) to view each post within a relevant context. It also makes me feel less extrinsically motivated to post because who even reads this anyway?!?! In a sense, I'll be posting and creating for myself.

Additionally, If I want to write a full on essay about a topic, post a short film or animation I've made, or share a new episode of my podcast, this platform serves as the perfect place to do all of that. I intend this project to be an extension of my portfolio that chronicles my growth as a designer, and artist.

Yes, it will be a wonderful (and perhaps strange) exploration of my successes and failures as a maker over the next year.

Cheers to creativity.