Episode 8 - Design Thinking: IRL

My introduction to the design thinking process was during my third year capstone at the University of Rochester. And while it's often used to create digital products, and develop / implement technology - I realized there were some pretty relevant paralells to psychology (my second major).

For my speech at  the Digital Media Studies commencement ceremony, I shared how students could use the design thinking process to create their life, and career path. But I'm finally sharing my thoughts here with you today for how you can use it in your creative process, and living your DREAM (or as my fiance would say: Live yo' best life!).

I've included a few sound bytes of my speech (don't judge me), and I try to outline the process as best I could verbally. But if you're a visual person (like I am) then the below doodle (drawn by yours truly!) is for you. Enjoy!